Business CoachingWe are PASSIONATE about business! Our team of Coaches are & have been, successful
business owners & entrepreneurs with a genuine desire to see others grow & flourish in their chosen industry / business.

Being in business has it’s “up’s & down’s”, times of stress & frustration & also times of reaping a harvest for all that hard work! A common saying we hear a lot is “we want to work smart, not hard”. I tend to disagree! (shock horror). Why not work hard & smart! You’ll reach your goals even faster!

Whether you are a small, medium or large organization, your Business Coach is available to assist in overcoming any barriers & challenges you may be confronted with. We will assist with development of an “Action Plan” to target your specific goals and propel your business in the right direction beginning with the 1st consultation. A business without a plan is a business planning to fail.


Executive coaching
Like any athlete or sports person, having a Coach is crucial to individual & team development. Executive Coaches, like sporting Coaches, should demonstrate years
of success, acquired knowledge & vast experiences in their chosen field. Our “results focused” Executive coaches work with their clients to help them maximize their potential & remain in their “peak professional fitness”.

Every executive client is carefully interviewed to determine precisely their desired outcomes and skills that need acquiring, such as:

  • Ability to drive & manage “change”
  • Create & maintain highly productive teams
  • Efficient Time Management & prioritizing skills
  • Prosperity through pressure situations & challenges
  • GOAL setting for continual improvement
  • & MUCH MORE...




  • The “PR6 Resilience Scale” is the most accurate and thorough tool in assessing resilience capacity through Neuroscience & Psychology.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • "Business Brain” Health Check
  • Brainstorming!














There are Manager’s and there are Coaches. Rarely do we see Managers who know how to coach, or even when to coach their staff or team members! Many just put it into the “to hard basket” and opt to employ the services of a professional Business Coach. While this is great for Business Coaches, it prohibits the Manager from honing their own coaching skills & techniques which they can then implement and grow within their organizations culture.

We coach, support & equip Manager’s to know when & how to coach effectively in their work place. Our Coaches provide the tools, coaching models & ‘tailored coaching techniques” to enable managers to efficiently & professionally lead their staff / teams to higher levels of performance & productivity. Initial areas for development begin with:

  • Manager as Coach
  • Workplace coaching
  • Coaching skills (toolkit)
  • Goal setting & motivation
  • How to review & monitor individual & team performance

Management Coaching


Is your Sales team having difficulty closing the deal, getting the sales, meeting KPI’s & deadlines?? There are a multitude of reasons why perhaps your sales team are under-performing. Multitudes of organizations of all sizes are turning to coaching to find the answers!

Sales CoachingOur Coaches are very results focused and aim to build your Sales team into a “smooth running, fine tuned, sales machine” through specific sales coaching processes such as:

  • Define what you want to sell. What are you goals, KPI’s, targets, purpose, desires etc..
  • How to Execute. Strategies, habits, behavours, techniques, how to “close the deal”.
  • Body Language – Non- verbal techniques to position yourself for selling and winning your client.
  • Mentor & Advise - Knowing what to say & when to say it!
  • Develop & hone your unique technique!
  • Motivation building to gain, remain & sustain.
  • Principles, Morals, Values, Integrity & Honesty.




What exactly is Workplace Coaching? It’s the process of equipping people with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to fully develop themselves to be effective in their commitment to themselves, the company, and their work.

Workplace CoachingCompanies & organizations all around the World are raving about how they, and their workforce, have grown and prospered through engaging a seasoned Workplace Coach. Our specialist Workplace Coaches engage with teams and individuals to become the best they can be, career wise and in their own personal lives. We don’t just stop there!! We will assist you in identifying a suitable staff member / leader who we will teach how to become a Workplace Coach. That’s right….your very own Workplace Coach! Why continually engage someone else to develop your staff when we can teach an internal member of your team to effectively & efficiently nurture and grow the organization from within.

We also provide you with Workplace Coaching templates, tools, materials and much, much more…. Not to mention our support & guidance if requested.



Some people seem to be just born to be leaders. Others need to learn these leadership skills and practice, practice, practice. Organizations which have strong leaders are usually better focused, sure of the targets and company goals and are guided & motivated by his/her drive & enthusiasm. So how do you make sure your Leader is “on the same page” as the organization re goals, vision, strategies, present & future direction etc?Team Building

We assist your organization/business to identify potential leaders and tailor a Leadership Building program to enhance their leadership qualities, undo any negative habits and to ensure your new or existing leader is the most capable person to forge your business in the right direction.

Topics we cover in Leadership &Team Development include:

  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Organizational culture
  • Strengths of a Leader
  • Develop Leadership skills & Toolkit
  • Reviewing Leadership performance



Nonverbal communication / Body language is “the missing link” for many entrepreneur’s & business owners.  It not only assists you as an individual to become more effective in your business dealings, but it gives you a huge advantage over & above your competitors.

Rarely do we consider our body language when dealing with clients, investors or at networking events.

Words are powerful and we invest a lot of energy & thought into what we are trying to say, but do we ever consider “how we say something”. Research shows how we say something is even more important than what we say.

Body Language Coaching

We can teach you proven techniques in Nonverbal Communication / Body Language for:

  • “BOOM”    Powerful Business
  • Negotiation & Sales…WIN, WIN, WIN while building SALES & CLIENTS
  • Media & Public Speaking
  • Spot the Liar
  • Exuding Super Confidence
  • Speed Read people
  • Increase persuasiveness & influence (Subtle, yet POWERFUL)
  • Become the KING of Communication
  • And much more…….

Body language will completely change the way you do business.

PERFORMANCE COACHINGPerformance Management

Like any athlete or sports person, having a Coach is crucial to development and improvement to reach individual & team goals. Performance coaching enables the recipient to identify strengths & weaknesses and then determine a course of action. Our coaches equip you with tools and strategies to overcome barriers and better manage your own performance, both personally and professionally.







Business Development Coaching
In this fast paced “microwave world”, you need much more than I.T skills & experience for lasting success. Business Developers must also be great communicators, credible, persuasive, fast thinking, flexible and opportunistic.

Cornerstone Coaching run BD intensive sessions and awesome workshops where we impart proven & tested BD skills & techniques tailor made to suit your industry or profession.

Our Coaches are results driven and are passionate about empowering you and your team to achieve your company GOALS.



These workshops cover foundational BD concepts, and give you practical tips and techniques that you can immediately put into practice and see improvements.

•    Selling success (how to punch above your weight)
•    Develop raving clients & attract more referrals
•    The art of “Closing the Deal”
•    Become a Networking guru!
•    “microwave marketplace” utilizing social media
•    Effective “Meet & Greet” (create a positive first impression)
•    And much, much more…

Follow-up coaching and tutorials will assist you & your team to achieve immediate and sustainable results following our workshops.



It’s not brain surgery, but it makes perfect sense!

“This is a must for any person/leader/professional or team that wants to achieve and exceed their goals, but just doesn’t seem to be making measurable progress”.

Re-Train your Brain through Cornerstone Coaching’s “Epigenetics & Neuroplasticity” workshops & coaching clinics.

Scientifically speaking, this is called “neuroplasticity” - the way the brain changes as a result of mental activity through “epigenetics” – mindsets, perceptions, thinking, choices…etc, that impact on your physical brain, body & mental health.

Romans 12:2 says “ not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God”.